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About Safety Net

Produced in collaboration with Home Office PREVENT and the West Midlands Police Crime Commissioner, Safety Net is a unique educational resource and training programme designed to provide the tools and confidence to engage children and their parents, in a concerted effort to encourage safe online practice in the home.

As the Internet and social media act as the gateway to the adult world, children are increasingly accessing online platforms more and more from an early age. Though they are becoming smarter and growing up computer literate, they are innocent and do not possess the life skills needed to recognise potential dangers. Parents worry about what their children are doing online, yet very few know how to help.

Safety Net embeds the understanding and effective protective behaviour strategies needed to help young people across all year groups stay safe, both online and in the physical world. Adopted by parents, schools, local authorities and multi-agency partnerships across the UK, it is establishing itself as a vital tool in safeguarding children.

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