Keeping children safe online

Live foster carers training webinar

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Bringing frontline practitioners together online

Many parents worry about what their children are doing online, yet very few know of the real dangers.

This 90-minute live session is hard hitting and will:

  • raise your awareness to the good, the bad and the ugly of the Internet and what children are doing online.
  • highlight the real dangers children are unknowingly at risk of when they’re using the Internet, social media, gaming and more.
  • help you gain an understanding of perpetrators and the models used for online grooming, to include sexting, CSE, gangs, fake news, radicalisation and bullying.

As part of the live virtual webinar session, you will require to have in front of you a copy of our Safety Net parental engagement resource. The resource is vital to the training and will be provided to you by Cornerstone Adoption and Fostering Service as soon as you register.

Safety Net book and pages
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This 90-minute session will consist of an approximate 

  • 70-minute live presentation (Attendees cannot activate their camera or microphone and can ask the presenter questions ‘live’ through a text chatbox)
  • Followed by a 20-minute live Q&A on Zoom  (Zoom link will be provided during the main presentation)

Thursday 23rd of March at 8 pm

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“Eye-opening. I’m shocked, I never knew. All parents need to attend this.”

Neelam, parent

“Very informative, lots of information given in the simplest form. I’m already looking forward to sharing the book.”

Bill, grandparent and carer